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Vintage Decades

Does anyone remember that there was once fairly widespread call to class the 1980s as the “Second Vintage Decade”? As far as I am aware that never happened, and rightly so:  The 80s were an interesting time for production car … Continue reading

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Welding and Painting

Variety has certainly been the spice of life in the workshop today with work on no less than four different vehicles. The morning has been largely taken up with painting various TR6 bits ready for re-assembly and, while the paint … Continue reading

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Clutches and costly fluids

Re – reading yesterday’s blog suggests that everything has gone according to plan today!  The XK8 has indeed left the workshop, no longer in ‘limp mode’, full of new transmission fluid, and with a centre console which illuminates properly. The … Continue reading

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Cars arriving and leaving

It is a time for change in the workshop this week: The Scimitar has now left for home and chose a sunny day on which to do it. Slight surprise there because I’d rather expected it to be raining after … Continue reading

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To Replace or Not to Replace….

It has been a while since I wrote a blog on a Sunday so here’s a post to make up for it. Actually the fact that the Sunday roast hasn’t yet quite cooked although I have finished sweeping the workshop … Continue reading

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Buying tube safely

It seems that it’s becoming a rule of thumb that the busier I am in the workshop, the more sporadic the posts become on the blog!  I have been taken up with a wide variety of jobs since my last … Continue reading

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MOT time

It has been a late night in the workshop today:  I took some time out this afternoon to take the MK2 for its MOT so I have been catching up with all the other jobs awaiting my attention. I’m glad … Continue reading

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