Last Week’s Interesting Project

The conversion of a Scimitar SE5A to a Ford type 9 five speed gearbox. Not the first time it’s been done so I have been looking into the feasability – not least in economic terms – of doing a conversion. The orignal early Scimitar boxes are all getting quite tired now and rebuilding one really thoroughly is getting expensive.  It is quite feasible to strengthen the type 9 box so it will stand up to the torque of the Essex engine and parts availablility (not to mention driveability) is much better.

I’ve been a fan of these cars for over 20 years since a 5A came in for an axle overhaul. It was the owner’s only car and used for his daily commute. What a great car for the job too: I always like things which “do what they say on the tin” but the Scimitar seems to do more than it says on the tin. Comfortable, relaxed, with enjoyable handling and honest, bullet proof Ford engine and box they put many more exotic – sounding cars to shame on a really long journey.

Scimitars are different too: Old car owners get used to being informed by passers – by that “they don’t build ’em like that anymore”.  If you drive a Scimitar you’ll no doubt often be informed instead that, “Princess Anne had one of these you know…”

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