Scimitar Continues

The new gearbox went into the Scimitar this evening after attending to a few odds and ends prior to fitting.  The new clutch proved to be slightly less than straightforward: This particular car has a 10.625 inch pitch circle for the clutch cover mounting bolts although the more common circle diameter for the 9.5 inch clutch is 10.75 inches.  The good news about this is that the clutch cover is still in production and the bad news is that in order to make the same component compatible with different vehicles it is now slightly shallower than its original specification.  It would in fact have been possible to ignore the difference because the clutch release has enough travel to accomodate it – a fact of which I’m sure the manufacturer is aware. However one of the secrets to a light clutch with a nice feel is to get the geometry of the linkage correct so with this in mind I have manufactured a new release bearing carrier from phosphor bronze which restores the angle of the clutch fork so that it goes “over centre” at the same point as does the cover assembly.

Part of the reason for using a thin adaptor plate was to make assembly easier so that the new unit has about the same clearance compared to the old one when engaging the clutch spines ie: only just enough.  The gearlever lines up nicely with the hole in the tunnel and crossmember aligns nicely with the bolt holes, although the different height of the rear mounting will neccesitate a packing in order to maintain the same gearbox height.

Next on the list of jobs  is the setting of the gearlever to bring it to the original angle, the speedo cable and the propshaft. Once these are attended to the assembly can be completed ready for road testing.


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