Testing cars and signing for parcels

It will most likely not come as any surprise to regular readers that much of today has been taken up with things Scimitar and the car has now had a successful first road test. A temporary cable connection has made it possible to check the new speedo drive against a GPS application and all is very satisfactory. Good as the orginal design was, the Type 9 gearbox makes for a very pleasant drive indeed and the ratios suit the car well.  This evening I have been machining an adaptor and bracket in order to fit the original speedo cable onto the new gearbox since this compares favourably in terms of cost with the alternative option of having a new cable made – not to mention the advantage of being able to purchase off – the – shelf cables for the vehicle in future.

I have been keeping Parcelforce rather busy recently with deliveries of spare parts for various projects – not least the growing collection of bits purchased on ebay with view to future work to the MK2 Jag.  I already have quite a collection of spares which include a good 3.8 litre engine, a straight port head,  a manual gearbox and a rear axle with limited slip diff. Perhaps it’s time to look slightly embarrassed at this point: The 2.4 litre has won my respect but everyone wants a 3.8 and that includes both Cherine and I….

Ebay has proved to be very seductive when searching for the remaining few bits and pieces which we have yet to collect and these include a pair of 2 inch carburettors on an original manifold, a suitable air intake from a Jaguar 420 and a pedal box assembly for a manual gearbox conversion.  More often than not ebay turns out to be an expensive option compared to autojumbles or classified ads, but it is extremely convenient – and not just for the buyer: Because it is so easy to clear out the garage and “bung a few things on ebay”, it also means that there is now a myriad of old car parts which would not otherwise have been offered for sale.  If only I could ebay for the time to fit all this stuff that I have now purchased, all would be perfect….

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