More Scimitars and Jaguar MOT

It has been far too long since I last blogged, which is rather indicative of how busy things have been in the workshop for the past week or so.  This is not least because I seem to have been dealing with a catalogue of minor setbacks which include deliveries needing to be chased up on the phone and new parts which don’t work when they come out of the box.  There seems to be some sort of strange rule in life which makes these things all come at once – although if any kind readers are already thinking of explaining this to me, perhaps I can express a preference for maths based statistical theory rather than the metaphysical!

Speaking of things which arrive  all at once, I have been dealing with more things Scimitar – this time an SE6 which has been rather heavily modified.  I have been storing this particular vehicle for quite some while after I fetched it on a trailer from Devon, but now its owner has come to the decision that it will have to be passed on to someone with fresh enthusiasm.  Many years ago he had fitted a well – tuned Rover V8 to the car, and at the same time the bodywork was modified with some rather aggressive arches.  The work has all been done rather neatly – hopefully it will end up being passed on to someone who will enjoy it!

Coming up at the end of the month is the first MOT for the Jaguar since it has been in our care, so a few late – or should that be ‘even later’ – nights will be called for.  It is a good case in point why the yearly MOT test is such a good thing: There really isn’t that much wrong with the car.  It will need some new rubber mountings on the Panhard rod and the steering column coupling is becoming a shade on the ‘soggy’ side.  The trouble is that without the test, how tempting would it be to delay such jobs for just a little longer?

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