MOT time

It has been a late night in the workshop today:  I took some time out this afternoon to take the MK2 for its MOT so I have been catching up with all the other jobs awaiting my attention.

I’m glad to report that the Jag passed and the last week has been a useful time to attend to a few jobs which really needed doing.  I blogged recently about the car needing a steering joint and a panhard rod overhaul before the test, but of course when I got down to things there have been one or two odds and ends to add to the job list:  A rattly exhaust heat shield, some rather faded rear flasher lenses and a left hand indicator warning lamp which had decided to work on a part time basis.  It just goes to show that firstly there are always a few more jobs than expected and secondly: for most petrol heads, faded indicator lenses, although an MOT faliure, are hardly worth considering a ‘fault’…..

Working underneath the vehicle reminds me how much I want to find time to do some thorough rust treatment.  It will be lovely to be able to go out in the rain without worrying constantly about the car deteriorating; I don’t think that I have ever seen an unrestored MK2 with such a sound, original undercarriage and I really want to keep it that way!

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