Clutches and costly fluids

Re – reading yesterday’s blog suggests that everything has gone according to plan today!  The XK8 has indeed left the workshop, no longer in ‘limp mode’, full of new transmission fluid, and with a centre console which illuminates properly. The unsupercharged V8 Jaguars use a ZF gearbox and the ‘blown’ ones use a Mercedes Benz unit. Both gearboxes were supposed to be sealed for life but experience suggests that it is more than worthwhile to change the oil and filter on either box every 60,000 miles. The fluid for the Mercedes box is available at not too horrendous cost, either from Jaguar or Mercedes Benz dealerships, or at slightly cheaper cost from Shell.  The fluid for the ZF gear box is rather expensive wherever it comes from. The only suitable fluid is Mobil LT71141 (formerly Esso LT71141) which was developed specifically for messrs. ZF. It costs the best part of an arm and a leg but is worth every penny compared to the cost of a new gearbox….

The cardboard boxes which come with the Triumph TR6 indeed seem to contain the right number of parts with which to assemble a complete car, and a few further engine jobs have brought the whole job closer to the assembly stage.

I have also been attending to another (slightly younger) TR6 today which is due for a new clutch.  TR6 clutch replacement is no longer the simple issue which the manufacturer intended it to be: This particular car is a U.S. spec. model for which a cover assembly is available with a nice light diaphragm spring. However the clutch manufacturers have ‘economised’ their range and as a consequence the overall height of the cover plates are not always to original specification. Although the clutch works, it never quite feels as good as the original did because the geometry of the linkage has been compromised. The clutch is due to go in to the car on Monday morning so I shall be spending some of tomorrow manufacturing a new release bearing carrier which will restore the linkage back to the way the factory intended it to be.

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