Leaving The Premises

A Brace of TR6

At the risk of using up my annual quota for cheesy lines in one go, it has been suggested that Triumph is historically the oldest marque, the earliest reference on record being the book of Exodus (Moses came down from Mount Sinai in his Triumph).

The TR6 was completed early this year and is pictured here about to leave in company of my brother’s 150BHP model on the right.  It’s quite noticeable how different these two cars look with only three years between them: The red fuel injected car lives up to James May’s tag of “the blokiest blokes car ever built” whilst the early carburettor car looks quite delicate in comparison, not least because of  its wire wheels and higher mounted front bumper.

The blue TR had originally come in for engine overhaul as recounted earlier in the blog and the project soon grew to include an overdrive conversion, attention to the rear suspension and a brake cylinder overhaul.  An overdrive really does make the world of difference to these cars and it is well worth uprating the non – overdrive models.  The owner decided that a Laycock J Type unit as fitted to the later cars was to be a sensible and cost effective choice compared to the A Type which would have been original fitment for such an early car.

Triumph Gearbox MountingThere have been conversion kits listed for some while for the fitment of J Type units to chassis which were designed for the A Type but they now seem to be unavailable. Pictured on the right is a new one – off mounting which does the job using a pair of Jaguar mountings which are not only very suitable for the job but are also very readily and economically available.

The carburettor version of the TR6 has a somewhat unfair reputation for poor performance. They certainly have rather a different feel to them compared with their fuel injected brethren but nevertheless make for a very pleasant drive and – particularly with an overdrive – are more than capable of keeping up with modern traffic.

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