The Land Rover TDi finally leaves

The fitting of the 200 TDi engine to the Series 1 Land Rover has finally been completed and the owner has now taken delivery after much engineering (on my part) and much patience (on his part)!

20130606_006The original objective was to produce a conversion which performs well and looks unobtrusive and in keeping with the vehicle. The owner of this Land Rover had some splendid ideas which have produced a very pleasant vehicle indeed:  The 200 TDi Discovery engine produces more than enough power and yields very soothing fuel economy into the bargain. Other features include heated windscreens, and a detachable relay board to provide an electrical sub – loom for auxilliary equipment.

Thetford Plaque

It is not my habit to provide many links to other sites on this blog, but special mention should really go to Gavin Martin who provided bespoke metal CNC machined badges for the conversion which are of lovely quality and very modest cost. Gavin’s blog is at

The only thing which remains on the Land Rover is the addition of plenty of miles – a task which (sadly for me) falls to its happy owner!

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  1. Ben says:

    What a lovely sight! Suspect it will give the owner a lot of smiling miles. Great work, Pin.

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