Another year… another blog post

Singer Le Mans

Another year has passed and I find that I rather miss writing on the blog – a feeling which coincides with a few recent words of encouragement from readers and which occasions another belated post.

Although the past year has featured quite some time away from old cars while waiting for a broken leg to heal, I am now back in the workshop playing “catch up” with a number of interesting projects.

One of these is the fettling of a Singer Le Mans to prepare it for some extensive use.   These pre-war Singers were charming cars of well above average performance in respect of both engine and brakes and which are very much up to the cut and thrust even of today’s town driving.  This particular Singer is affectionately known as “Chattie” and features on the blog of its intrepid and capable owner, Elizabeth Halls:
The “Where They Served Blog” can be seen here

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  1. Your assessment of the Singer gives me great encouragement for the couple of thousand miles I’m about to undertake in Chattie! I know my father rated his own Singer highly, but that was back in 1944.

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