Field Service 1940s style

Cars At Llanbedr Airfield

I am feeling a little like an imposter already when I choose the title for today’s post:  Mr. Thetford senior did indeed get involved with things mechanical in the 1940’s and in those days of true austerity he did so whilst driving an Austin 7 much like the one in the middle of the picture.  My ‘navigator’, Carl, and I on the other hand have just afforded ourselves the luxury of a drive up to Llanbedr airfield in the Alvis 12/50 special in order to meet up with Elizabeth Halls during the tour of wartime airfields in her Singer Le Mans.
Readers might be forgiven for imagining that the reason for the appearance of the Alvis and the Austin was to give “Chattie” the Singer an excuse to feel youthful at her sprightly 80 years of age.
Maintaining the SingerThe “official” reason for turning up was to give the car a quick check over en-route during the first long trip.
Field service of this kind is to be highly recommended:  Llanbedr airfield lies within some of the most breathtaking scenery which North Wales has to offer and the weather chose to salute the start of Elizabeth’s tour with a cloudless blue sky.

After a spirited drive though the narrow “white roads” which trace over the hills before Llanidloes, through Dolgellau and up to Llanbedr we settled down into a South bound convoy with the Singer for the return journey to England.

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3 Responses to Field Service 1940s style

  1. Great post, Pin. The sound of that Alvis engine in the movie is very distinctive. It’s a bass baritone compared to the Singer’s tenor (no pun intended)! It’s lovely to be able to see that movie as a reminder of a perfect day.

  2. Pin says:

    It’s over 10 years since the Alvis had a proper run and the recently fettled car certainly felt very much “on song” if I can continue your reference! We certainly made sure that the bass baritone echoed through the valleys on the way up to Llanbedr (I’ll need to check that Carl has regained his colour now that he has left the passenger seat) but we still needed some enthusiastic driving to keep up with your ably piloted Singer up some of those mountain roads! A great day indeed.

  3. And the icing on the cake is that the oil consumption has gone down so dramatically. I did think Chattie was running better as the afternoon wore on, but thought that might be my imagination. Perhaps not.

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