Getting older….

I hope that readers will celebrate with me as I disclose that Cher and I are managing at last to get rid of a habit which has not been helpful to our lives: We are giving up modern cars.
Land Rover 2AThe Series 2A Land Rover was made in 1969 and is a “Suffix G” model, the penultimate example of the range. Having one this late means that you get to have a wider spread of light from the wing – mounted headlights and powerful (well relatively) wipers which operate together and have a park function. Sophisticated stuff! This is to be Cher’s winter car for commuting to work in adverse conditions and it also turns out to be fabulous for exploring out of the way places such as this one near Hay On Wye.
Land Rover V8The long wheel base Land Rover almost counts as modern at a mere 33 years of age this year. The 3.5 litre V8 engine makes it ideal for towing the car transporter trailer loaded here with 1950 AC 2 Litre saloon. After a brief spell last year towing with a more modern Jeep Cherokee petrol the old Rover V8 even seems quite frugal too.

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  1. Elizabeth Halls says:

    Good for you – we’ll look out for you on the open road! Sometimes I wish I could go from computer back to paper and pen as well, but alas, that’s not going to happen!

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