A Dart in France

The SP250 is now motoring it’s way 800 or so miles down into France and regular updates are reaching me from its intrepid driver’s iPhone. With this post is a picture, not of the Dart in question but of my mother Sue Thetford c1964 enjoying a similar car in Singapore. Sue was a partner in Thetford Engineering and her lifelong enthusiasm for cars – not to mention her generosity in sharing them – has had very great influence on my own enthusiasm.

Publicity shots for these cars (of which this photo is one such example) often featured glamorous young ladies in exotic locations. Given that the standard SP250 steering was heavy enough to bring brawny men to their knees, the owner and I were wondering how on earth said young ladies had managed to get their Dart to the location in the first place.  Since my mother’s later transport was to become a 3.8 litre Jaguar without power steering, I think that in her case the question has already been answered!

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  1. Ben says:

    What a lovely example of both beauties! Great blog, Pin, I am *amazed* you have time… also, will be referring my missus to Cher’s regarding present choices – remarkable!

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