Porsching it – is there an alternative?

I have spent the greater part of today with someone’s rather nice new acquisition: A Porsche 944 in suitably good condition. This is a car which really needs to be included in the debate about “what constitutes a classic car”  – at 20 years of age this really does ‘feel’ like a classic and ticks all the right boxes for a very modest cost.  And having the advantage of being made in Stuttgart (technically speaking in Neckarsulm for most cars) it’s still feasible to find one in sound order.  The owner has been painstakingly working under the car cleaning all areas of surface rust to bare metal for phospate treatment and painting. A good treatment with Dinitrol will see the car fit to withstand the elements for a good long time.

While all this has been going on I have been attending to a few mechanical odds and ends. The clutch fluid looked like it hadn’t been changed for a decade or two and since slave cylinder problems aren’t unheard of on this model we decided that replacement was a good precaution.  Although the old cylinder didn’t look too bad the new one makes a big difference: The clutch pedal has an over-centre booster spring which barely made its presence felt before but which now operates lightly with a satisfying snap into  postion.  A new set of plugs and leads and a good sort through the fuel injection should see the car ready for some enjoyable use.

If anyone knows of a good solvent for POR15 paint I’m sure that the owner would love some for his hands…

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