Comment Spam and Cars

One of the first discoveries with a new blog is comment spam. We all get used to email spam which tries to grab our attention in the hope that we might spend some money, but comment spam works a little differently: This is spam which the perpetrators hope will not grab your attention so the hapless blogger allows it through moderation thus allowing it to appear on the blog.  Usually the idea is to get a link on someone else’s blog back to your own website so that it will improve its google ranking. Today’s comment spam has been different and is in response to my blogs about the Porsche: I have been receiving offers for “cheap generic Viagra”. Can it be that the word “Porsche” triggers something amongst the purveyors of Viagra? What on earth, I wonder, can their logic be?  I look forward to offers of bargain pipes and slippers whenever I blog about Rovers and for cheap moustache wax in response to my posts about Bentleys.

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2 Responses to Comment Spam and Cars

  1. Cherine says:

    If the word ‘Porsche’ triggers something amongst the purveyors of Viagra and possibly bargain pipes and slippers for ‘Rovers’ and cheap moustache wax for ‘Bentleys’ then what would the word ‘Jaguars’ engender?

  2. Pin says:

    Given that the promise from the manufacturer was, “Grace, Space and Pace”, I’m a little worried that I may start to be offered speed on that premise!

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