Driving at the Limit

The Hupmobile passed its MOT with flying colours today – although the two wheel brakes caused the brake rollers to spit the car out before anything like a full reading could be obtained.  The car has a 3 litre 4 cylinder side valve engine breathing in through a tiny updraught carburettor and out through a small tailpipe. It cruises along nicely at 45 to 50 mph up hills and down dales, and this is how I proceeded in the morning sun along the A44 from Malvern.  During all the time I had for casual thought as I cruised along I was wondering for a while why people consider it so important and indeed seem to insist upon all the acceleration and top speed which is a feature of modern cars.  As soon as I caught up with the next line of traffic I was considerately afforded yet more time to ponder the question, as all the high tech moderns with 90 years of technology to their advantage lowered my cruising speed along the broad A road by a good 5mph.  Nonetheless it would have been a fabulous advertisment for the brothers Hupp if they could have forseen the future and adopted the slogan, “Hupmobile – keeping up with modern traffic for the next millennium”.


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