Stripping back the memories

I’ve been looking for some paintstripper recently since I can no longer buy it at local DIY stores. At least not the stuff with Dichloromethane in it and, having tried the alternatives, I have come to the conclusion that paint stripper without Dichloromethane is some sort of oxymoron. Not only have I found what I wanted but I have also found a proper paint supplier within half an hour’s drive from whom I can buy it.
Proper paint suppliers – as in those who don’t believe that supplying all paint systems means just the water based ones – are similarly hard to find as is proper paint stripper so I’m feeling rather buoyed up by the discovery.

It reminds me how much has changed since I started doing this 25 years ago: I used to do most of my shopping for vintage and classic spares and consumables in Worcester. Bancrofts in Little London did a pretty nifty job of matching any colour you could think of in Cellulose or 2K and Blunt Taylor who sadly were shortly to close, could supply bearings from stock going back to applications from the 1920s. Opposite Blunt Taylor was P.J Wilde who still had Ruby Wilde’s original Austin 7 Ruby displayed in the 1930s style glass front. Most of the “serious” motor – factor purchases came from K.A. Long who could supply Cupro Nickel tubing, tube nuts, and ancient brake linings from stock.

As it happens there is a much greater range of products available by phone or internet these days, but there was a great satisfaction to be had from driving into town and picking up everything you needed off the shelf. A Worcester garage owner of my acquaintance remembers Blunt Taylor too, so he tells me. His foremost memory seems to revolve around the rather attractive young lady who served behind the trade counter and he recalls volunteering for all the trips to collect spares. I rather gather from his tone that he obtained some satisfaction from the way things were in those days too…

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  1. Brian Charleston says:

    I used to work at Blunt Taylors in Worcester, Mar 1972 to July 1973. Great place to work as my second full time job (previously @ Colmore Depot in Little London, Worcester). Left Blunts to join the RAF (for 27 years) but Blunts and Colmore taught me a lot.

  2. Brian Charleston says:

    I also remember the young lady in question (who was older thaan me at the time), very cute. Lots of trade came in just on the off chance she was around but her proper job was delivery.

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