Another Mixed Day

Today has been one of some variety:  First job was to replace the flat belting on one of the lathes and on the bandsaw.  The fact that these machines use flat belting should give you some idea of their age:  The youngster of the two is a South Bend lathe which was supplied new to the US army during the War, and since it was never used, Mr. Thetford senior became the first person to put it to work; it has given sterling service ever since.  The bandsaw was made in Malvern in the early 1920s and uses Hickory spoked wheels with solid tyres to mount the blade together with a Ford Model T epicyclic train for reduction gearing; it was orginally driven by overhead shafting and now has an electric motor. I can trace the history of this machine back to its manufacture and am fairly sure that I have just become the first person ever to replace the secondary drive belt. I purchased the new one on ebay and if it lasts as well as the one I took off then it will see me out!

The Hupmobile left today after some final fettling and I have been continuing work on longer term projects before finishing the day with a Saab convertible from the early nineties.  This particular Saab has recently returned from a holiday in Portugal where an amateur Portugese locksmith in search of easily – carried valuables has removed all the exterior locks from the car with remarkable efficiency, considering the basic tools which he evidently must have used…..

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