The Jag

This January we added a new car to the Thetford fleet.  It’s a 1960 Jaguar MK2 2.4 automatic, it is Cherine’s cherished mode of transport and you can see it in the mast – head to the blog.  Since Cherine is very generous with her sharing, the car is now in (sort of) daily use for both of us and it is likely to be featuring somewhat disproportionately in this blog.

“Sort of daily use” means that it gets used for everything that doesn’t involve loading up tools or trailers; or if it’s raining.  Rain is the big thing to avoid at the moment because the car – although delightfully sound – needs proper rust proofing, and since “proper” rust proofing is going to involve removing the rear springs, front suspension subframe and fuel tank in order to get everywhere, this is going to have to happen in the fullness of time!

We travelled all the way to Colchester to purchase this car from Tim and Siu Mei and it’s due to Tim’s hard work rescuing a nice original MK2 that we now have a nice running project for further tidying and fettling.  Because of this I don’t have to worry myself with the usual MK2 issues like crow’s feet, sills and jacking points: Thanks Tim.

It’s been 22 years since there was a MK2 in the Thetford fleet and I have only just realised how much I have missed one. It’s also the first time that I have driven a 2.4 litre car regularly and  I have a new found respect for these much maligned cars: Although the performance is very much less than the larger engined Jaguars they really do keep up with modern traffic extremely well and have considerably more performance than most cars of the day. It is sweet to drive, well balanced and the lighter engine gives excellent handling which surprises drivers of modern cars at every fast sweeping corner.

I’d like to report that we are off out in it this Sunday. But it’s raining…..


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